Winnetou in Croatia

Winnetou in Croatia

The Land of Winnetou in Croatia

Zrmanja River is situated on the south of Croatia – it emerges in the place called Zrmanja in Lika, at the foot of the mountain Postak. It flows into rough Velebit karst with its 69 kilometers long stream. The river is penetrating towards the Adriatic Sea for thousands of years. สล็อตเว็บตรง

The river has crystal clear water which is meandering through two hundred meters deep canyon. It has created numerous travertine waterfalls. “Veliki Buk”, 11 meters high waterfall, stands out because of its incredible beauty.Winnetou in Croatia

The canyon is very picturesque, reminding visitors about the wild canyons of the West. Canyon motivated the producers to choose Zrmanja for shooting the Winnetou movie.Winnetou in Croatia

The main tributaries are Krnjeza, Krupa and the rivers in Lika, Ričica and Otuča. Water is also obtained from series of caves which complement its flow. The Krupa waterfalls are among the most beautiful waterfalls in Croatia. They are hidden under the hills of Velebit. River Krnjeza is less than 1 kilometer long and has an amazing canyon which is about 300 meters tall.Winnetou in Croatia

Zrmanja has a rich flora and fauna diversity. Besides the tiny organisms, like endemic snails or amphipods, proteus anguinus is also present there. The birds are nesting in this area.Winnetou in Croatia

it provides the best rafting experience in this part of Europe. During the entire year, it is suitable for rafting, thanks to the proximity of the sea. When the strong wind called Bura starts blowing, you can’t go rafting. Also, if you like adrenaline, try rafting after the heavy rain.Winnetou in Croatia

You can feel a strong influence of the sea in the summer during the low water levels under waterfalls. There is salty water underneath the thin layer of fresh water, although mouth of the river is 17 kilometers away. Water levels are changing dependent of tides.Winnetou in Croatia

Zrmanja is abundant with water in the spring. The river is suitable for swimming and diving. Because of its purity it is drinkable. Because of its high water levels it is supplied in the summer with fresh water by means of a canal from theMarsh in the South.Winnetou in Croatia

The marsh is an original creation of the people ofZrManja. It is located just 50 kilometers south of Zagreb and it is spread almost over an area of 0.5 kilometers. People can explore the history of its creation thanks to the researched books and museum.Winnetou in Croatia

People normally live in the marsh. For them it is a kind of second home. Tourists also visit the marsh in the summer.Winnetou in Croatia

The creation of the marsh was put forward to save the old town. Almost all of its buildings are older than 150 years.Winnetou in Croatia

The marsh landscape is very rich and provides the best setting for photography, painting and gardening.

If you want to swim or dive in the marsh you should go directly to the river or to one of the inlets.

You can also walk through the dense forests and visit the most magnificent forest in Croatia.

In the low water levels the siltgy floor of the marsh is thickly laden with aquatic plants such as cysts., tubers, urchins and boringotes. These plants often decay because of the bad conditions in the water.

However, if you look carefully in the lower water levels, you may find small organisms such as amphipods, wrasses, ravens, wood sharks, leopard sharks, eels and dolphins.

On the other hand, the area is also very suitable for bird enthusiasts. Because of the thick growth of the reedbedded forests, bird’s flight distances are very wide. In summer, there are often summer flocks of birds resting in the shallows.

Nudibranchs, earthworms, freshwater shrimp, crabs, hermit crabs, shrimp, starfish, jellyfish, angelfish, horse macaws, Atlantic salmon, alligators, sea horses, otters, marmosets,Anchora ants, hystero ants, tall army men, giant parrots, rare cochineal frogs.


Winnetou in Croatia